Saturday, December 29, 2012

Book Review: Molly Ann's Message

A Fair Trade Book

Book Title: Molly Ann's Message

Author: Edith Mary Gunderson

Date: 1953

Publisher: Moody Bible Institute

Amazon tracking number: B000GT0YA6

Length: 128 pages

Quote: "I'm to tell Grandpa that you sent me to tell him God's love, and Mamma's love."

Molly Ann is an orphan whose grumpy Grandpa never sees visitors, but always sends out food for beggars. Although an atheist, he intends to be just as good and kind as a Christian. Knowing she has a short time left to live, Molly Ann's Mamma has rented a room near Grandpa's house and died there, leaving Molly Ann to throw herself on Grandpa's mercy by wandering out to his house alone, dusty enough to look like a beggar.

Everyone wants to comfort Molly Ann by giving her pets, and her bond with one of these pets will eventually impress Grandpa so much that he joins the church...but, for those who think that even a real oldfashioned Sunday School book should have a little suspense, I won't explain how.

And this is a real oldfashioned Sunday School book, with the paper, not cardboard, binding, red-and-blue line drawing on the front cover, and all, just the way people currently over age forty remember the genre. If you've missed these flimsy but well-intentioned books and wanted to share one with a child, here is one for you.

I enjoyed these books mostly in grade two...because that was the first year I was exposed to them. Vocabulary words like "union depot," "poultry," "procession," "rebuked," and "mantelpiece" may be unfamiliar to some second grade readers. Some of my sixth grade classmates still enjoyed some of the Moody Bible Institute's Sunday School books, but my guess would be that Molly Ann will appeal most to primary school readers.