Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How the NSA Will Use Cookies to Spy on Us

The surprise here is that the Washington Post printed it:

So, they'll be going after the various pedophile web sites we've all read about in the newspapers? Or the hackers who, among other things, "burned" Grandma Bonnie Peters' Yahoo e-mail, recently, to the extent that a public access computer refused to open her in-box? (You expect hackers to target pornographic sites and people who visit them, but some hackers think it's clever to harass a 78-year-old Sunday School teacher who wants to write about vegetarian food and the major Christian testimonies in her family archives.)

Don't hold your breath. Remember Al Gore's Future? If you want to save any particular posts from this web site, I recommend you print'em out now. I would defend Al Gore's right to publish the kind of thing he says in that book, although I think a lot of it's just plain wrong. However, among the things Al Gore says in The Future is that he's not supportive of my right to publish the kind of thing most of youall send me.

I expect to be hacked. I expect to be harassed. And I want those of you who still refer to the Old Left as "liberals" to move into the present century. I'm the liberal. Al Gore and his party are the Tories, and they see themselves as the House of Lords.