Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tia, Tamera, Hate, and Waffles

Unfortunately it was only after reading a gross-out report about the hatespews Tamera Mowry has received that I learned that Tia & Tamera Mowry have a web site. I'm sure this is so not news to serious TV-star followers. Readers who watch prime-time TV have probably been following the sisters' site for years.

What's news is that when I tried to show support by adding their site to the list of web sites I follow, I got a message that "the site's security certificate has expired" and the site may have been hacked. Which happens to a lot of TV and movie stars' web sites, because they're so popular, and is especially likely to have happened to Tamera Mowry's, because of the hate.

Well...the computer didn't report a problem with the really interesting post here:


...and the quinoa waffles sound delicious...but I recommend setting your computer for maximum security before using this link.

What I hate is the way lousy creeps systematically try to hack into nice people's web sites. Like the scugs who tried to link Grandma Bonnie Peters' e-mail to a porn site. Porn viewers would probably be angrier about that than GBP was!