Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tim LaHaye's New Web Site

Millions of people know Tim LaHaye as a co-author of the Babylon Rising books. This web site reviewed the nonfiction book, Perhaps Today, in which LaHaye explains the serious theology behind the science fiction. But he's done so much more in his lifetime, together with his wife Beverly LaHaye as well as Jerry Jenkins and other really have to click here: take it all in.

For reasons of security, this web site does not store credit card information. (Oops, ambiguous sentence. My web site doesn't even handle credit card information, although Paypal and Amazon, the creators of our purchase buttons, obviously do. The LaHayes' web site doesn't store credit card information, either.) If you want to buy books directly from the LaHayes, they're recommending that you set up an account with a private password now. Older account information may be or become lost in the updating process.