Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ziggy's Advice to Bloggers

(So far as I know, Tom Wilson's "Ziggy" cartoons have never been animated, but they deserve to be.) 

A recent Ziggy cartoon contained a motto some bloggers need to memorize: “Lists of TV shows you watch don’t make for the most exciting reading in the world.”

Then again, when your goal is to post five things before the computer center closes, while doing other things with the computer, and you've posted only start to consider: How on earth did that lame post about odd-shaped feet become one of my "top" posts? Why only one of the White House Names series, and why was that the one with the "commercial" for Amazon? Sponsors read these things. Sponsors are excited by mentions of their products.

Right. TV shows I've watched lately...were selected by the residents of that trailer house where I've been demonstrating that my roach control article is true. And they are, in order of the amount of time I've spent watching each one in the past six months or so:

1. Family Feud

2. The Chase

3. Minute to Win It

4. Gilligan's Island

5. Weather Channel