Monday, April 14, 2014

A Wonderful, Terrible Week, with Siamese Kittens

(Reclaimed from Bubblews...and I found a copy of one of the kitten pictures, although they were snapped two weeks after this "Bubble" originally appeared, 4.14.14.)

Where have I been last week? I was having a wonderful time enjoying the perfect weather, the pretty flowers, the new baby kittens. No, I was having a terrible time, taking everything my Significant Other said the wrong way, feeling sick, not making any money. Pick the description you prefer. Both are true...and that's why I don't get into Positive Thinking: both descriptions are equally true.

My daffodils didn't do too well this year. What I had the camera-phone handy in time to snap, last week, is a feral flower, coming up from a bulb someone must have planted many years ago. Perfect specimen though. 

What I've been trying to snap all week, and failed to, are the kittens. Their father was Siamese, and some of them have classic Siamese coloring. All have some white in their coats. But since kittens need to spend their first month or two in a dimly lighted place so their night vision can develop properly, and the camera-phone has no flash, all I get when I aim the camera at the kittens is black. Shining a light on them yields the image of a patch of light in a square of black.

Anyway: Daytime highs in the sixties (Fahrenheit), occasionally reaching 20 degrees Celsius. Overnight lows in the forties (Fahrenheit, single digits Celsius). Bright blue sky. Occasional harmless fluffy little clouds. Very few insects. No poison ivy. Perfect weather for gardening and spring cleaning, and I didn't want to miss it...and I didn't miss it. But I was handicapped in doing it by being sick.

I'm gluten-intolerant; if I inadvertently eat wheat I lose muscle strength and energy, lose immunity if any infection is going around, have allergies, have indigestion, lose my baseline cheerful temperament, and generally become sleepy and sneezy and dopey (in the sense of bleary-eyed and slow-witted) and grumpy and bashful (who wants to be seen when they feel like this?) and probably like a few more dwarfs Walt Disney didn't bother naming, but definitely not Happy. My reaction to wheat involves less fever, but more acute discomfort, than my usual reaction to flu.

Last week I was especially unhappy because I had not inadvertently eaten wheat, and had these symptoms for a day or two, as has happened so many times before. What I'd eaten, throughout the week, that would have been causing these systems to keep recurring, was store-brand brown rice from Wal-Mart. Rice is supposed to be safe for gluten-intolerant people, but the "Wheat Belly" web site warned us a few years ago that experiments in bioengineering rice to make it more like wheat are under way...and I haaate that apparently the kind of rice that's easiest for me to buy and cook has been bioengineered into something I can't eat if I want to live. 

Of course I had a few other things to be unhappy about. Not earning money...and I really needed to earn some serious money in real life, because my electricity's due to be cut off in the morning. Also a friend's teenager was in the hospital. 

So, what's a blogger to do? Which emotional color should we paint last week? I say none. Fix facts first: feelings follow.