Monday, August 18, 2014

Bad Poetry: Love Song

Most of the songs we hear on the radio in the U.S. are about love. I've not published any original love songs. When asked why this should be, last spring, I finally came up with one. (U.S. baby boomers should get a fair idea of what the tune sounds like by reading the words.) And here, prompted by the Bubbler known as BeaShe (in ), are the first verse and the refrain:

Love is an old song that you and I have sung many times before,
Ever since the days when our world needed love, sweet love, not war.
Love is like a butterfly. Love is a rose.
Love is a many-splendor'd thing. Love is a mountain stream that flows.

Oh, love is teasin', and love is pleasin', and love is pleasant when new.
As love grows older, it may grow colder; it may grow bolder, too.
Love should flow, and love should grow, and love should be strong.
Take us right back where we started from, before we went wrong.
Love is an old, old song.