Friday, August 1, 2014

Pick a Picture

(Reclaimed from Bubblews. Sorry, the system destroyed the picture I posted there.)

"You should post more pictures of the beautiful fashion accessories in the store," a reader suggested, "to publicize what the store is selling."

By "the store" she meant . Tree (Teresa Vernon) has posted nice catalogue-quality images and write-ups of her merchandise on that Facebook page, and even sells merchandise through Facebook.

By "more pictures" she meant more of what I, laughing out loud, call the Store Security Series. In June, while store-sitting, I snapped a series of photos of how the display in the store looked at that time, just in case anything happened.

(Last week the Kingsport Times-News reported both the scheduled trial of the then undiagnosed psychotic patient who drove a car into a church, and a more recent incident in which an overmedicated patient drove a car into a store. Far too many people drive cars in these United States.)

Anyway I'd posted a few of those pictures as "atmosphere" with a few Bubbles, before this site started ruining pictures by printing post titles on top of them. No more pictures here, thank you. But the reader was right...why not spread awareness of this store, which is now also the physical form of my virtual bookstore, around cyberspace? So today I posted pictures from the Store Security Series at each of my four (non-"referral") web sites, and the following links should open four separate picture pages:;amp;pid=6042651380545951330&oid=114274742909017597601

Opening all four sites, plus Facebook, at one time created cookie conflicts, causing some sites to run very slowly and likely to cause this computer to crash later this evening...but anyway, if you like to look at lovely fashion jewelry, please compare these four pretty pictures in terms of clarity, glare, and how much each picture made you want to buy a bit of bling, and state your preference below.

I already know which site's easiest for me to use and which site let the picture show up best on *this* computer. I'm looking for information about which sites are easiest for *you* to use and which pictures show up best on *your* computer. So, the more answers, the better.