Friday, August 1, 2014

Pesticide Poisoning and Gluten Poisoning...Two Different Things?

Jon Rappoport (who doesn't know me) discusses a study showing that glyphosate, the currently popular herbicide that's definitely responsible for the sinus allergies and asthma I had earlier this summer, may also be responsible for the increased incidence of gluten sensitivity...e.g. my increased sensitivity to gluten in genetically modified corn and rice?

Here's the comment I posted:

Very interesting. When I developed “celiac sprue” the A.M.A. Home Medical Encyclopedia said the incidence of this condition was something like 1 out of 10,000 people almost only in certain Irish families almost always after age 50. (I was 30.) I’m related to one of those families all right; come from a long female line of ancestors who died or became disabled in their thirties. In Ireland the explanation used to be that an ancestor had inadvertently walked on the grave of someone who either was hanged, or had died of starvation, depending on who was explaining. But why was I the one to get “sprue,” even though my getting it helped me help my surviving relatives…and why are so many young people who aren’t even Irish showing similar symptoms?