Thursday, July 31, 2014

When and Where Will the Politics Come Back?

Last winter this web site announced that, because reading over our Yearbook convinced me that our Politics Department was eating the rest of the site, we'd be moving the political content to some other location, then undisclosed.

A hater at the Huffington Post, imaginatively picturing me as something that "has nice fingernails but lives in the ocean and wants to destroy Japan," inspired me to set up a Live Journal site as Priszilla. I have nothing against Japan. As a cyberspace entity, I'm more interested in destroying a virtual construct, the La-La Land of the Loony Left (where Obamacare would work and gun control would reduce violent crime and taxes on soda pop might even make people slim and beautiful).

However...I discovered that other Live Journalists are called Priszilla. No pun intended by them. That's the standard way the saint's name is spelled in some Slavic countries.

Slavic the two that the U.S. hoped to enlist as allies, but are now trying to drag us into their war with each other?

Live Journal was founded in one of those countries, and if my country's diplomatic relationship with those countries is going to be affected by what I as an American perceive as a tedious boundary dispute they ought to be able to settle all by themselves, then Live Journal may not be a good site for discussions of U.S. politics.

Neither, apparently, is Blogspot. The computer consistently shows that this blog is read by about as many Russians and Ukrainians as Americans. As long as those countries were at peace with us and each other, that was fine...but I don't want to hand information about my country's politics or politicians to a country that's become our enemy.

So, the Politics Department of this web site will be migrating to Freedom Connector. I'm still not sure exactly how that will work. I've neglected Freedom Connector because it bans fundraising, and the original purpose of this web site was to raise funds for a legitimate, writer-owned writing site that could replace the original, healthy Associated Content that sold out to Yahoo...remember? Since we receive such masses of political content free of charge, the Politics Department has no real fundraising needs. It can move to a place where everybody pretends we don't need any more money than we already have. The format will change, but at least it will be easy for congenial people to comment and interact with each other and let me know whether anybody's reading, liking, or understanding any of it.

I'm not sure exactly when it will happen, either. As discussed on Bubblews, I'm now posting from; when we get more funding we'll have multiple computers that connect to the Internet here, but currently only Tree's computer is connecting. I'm not sure how many cookies this little laptop thing can handle. I'm not worried about using it to process material from elected officials, and Freedom Connector itself has seemed to be a fairly safe and stable site...I know I don't want to expose this computer to The Blaze, any more than I'd want to expose it to the Huffington Post; those sites drop too many cookies and attract too many angry people.

Meanwhile, back at Blogspot, I'll be checking out how the "pages" thing works these days and possibly having a Books Page and a Miscellaneous Page...but not a Politics Page.

Russian, Ukrainian, and other readers around the world will remain welcome to build their English vocabulary here and communicate (via e-mail to salolianigodagewi @ if necessary) with us about books, recipes, weather, nature, history, crafts, charity, animals, and gardening.