Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy Post for July 29, 2014

(Reclaimed from Bubblews, where this post was the first of a series where the site provided a patch of color for the mandatory image. Can we do better? Yes, thanks to Pippalou from Morguefile, here's a real summer-sky picture.)

I'm happy because I'm a person who does not filter everything through the kind of emotional mood swings some people seem to need. This is definitely true, because, when I think about what else to mention in the Happy Post, all the recent news in the past 24 hours seems not to fit in it.

My beautiful, photogenic cat Ivy may have been stolen; I didn't see her at all yesterday, and no, she's not been pregnant.

A friend has been in the hospital. The staff say she's doing well, but their expectations for 89-year-old cardiac patients are low.

Nobody's come into the store and bought $500 worth of jewelry. I've spent the whole day reading and writing, which is fun but won't pay the bills.

I could fudge a bit and post about my 96-year-old great-aunt's fortieth anniversary celebration at the women's urban mission she launched in her church, which was by all accounts spectacular...but that happened two or three weeks ago and hundreds of miles away.

I'm just happy because I've been working productively all day, the weather's not bad, and I'm not ill. I am naturally cheerful and easily pleased...but not easily satisfied.