Friday, July 25, 2014

Had to Play with Pixabay

Reclaimed from Bubblews, and does this one ever need updating. As of July 25, 2014, I expected the worst of Pixabay. By now I can tell you that the worst never arrived. Pixabay displays ads, yes, but I've received no spam or adverse consequences of using this site. It's a respectable alternative to Morguefile. If you don't find the free image you want at one site, you may safely look at the other.

Yes, Gentle Readers, I finally let Bubblews goad me into checking out Pixabay. I have to admit I like this cat image...I think this is my all-time favorite online cat image. It doesn't quite look like the Cat Sanctuary's real founder, the cat called Black Magic, but it does look like Viola the Cybercat, who got into my Blogspot a few years ago. (Viola was an indoor cat who learned to play with a laptop that had a touch pad instead of a Real Mouse.)

Here's the warning I wish I'd had before I visited Pixabay. Whereas Morguefile really lets people download pictures for free, Pixabay demands that everyone join the site and then says they'll stop advertising at you when you've uploaded ten photos. Uh-oh...the photos on the site meet high standards. And then after you've signed up they spell out what those standards are. And let's just say they're very unlikely ever to be met by anyone using a cheap camera phone.

I did not know this. But now you will.

And, huzza...unless you spend hours on end choosing images, it won't matter much!