Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Day Post

(Thanks to TheresaWiza for prompting this one with her "Happy Days Challenge" series...)

This is not, frankly, the sort of day on which I'm most conscious of a happy (eupeptic) mood. This is the sort of hot, humid day Virginia normally gets in July. I woke up around 2:30 a.m. feeling as if hot, damp towels had been draped over me. That hadn't happened. It was a sheet. After throwing off the sheet and sitting naked in front of the Lasko fan for an hour, then lying down with my head right in front of the fan, I finally dried off enough to go back to sleep.

The air quality did not improve by morning, though. Who was minding the store today? I hoped someone else was. I called the store. Nobody answered. I walked out toward the store. My clothes started to stick to me before I reached the paved road. There I met the person who I'd hoped would have picked up the phone when I called the store. Well, at least I got a free ride to the store.

I am pleased, though, because the store is so cool. Local lurkers, if you are sweltering in houses that don't have air conditioning, or worried about how to pay for your air conditioning, swelter and worry no longer. The air conditioning in this building is so efficient that the other person who's been in the store today has complained about feeling cold! (I love it.)