Monday, July 20, 2015

Dollar Store Rice and Beans

What makes this frugal recipe worth sharing is that (a) it's gluten-free, and (b) it involves garden-fresh vegetables. It would be nothing to write home about without the fresh vegetables.

Ingredients for Dollar Store Rice and Beans 

1 package Clover Valley Red Beans and Rice mix

1 can Clover Valley pinto beans or red kidney beans

Garden-fresh vegetables: onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers

1 pound cooked chicken (optional)

Method for Dollar Store Rice and Beans 

Bring 2 cups water, the beans, and the chicken if you're using it, to a boil. Add the rice. Stir, cover, wait until it returns to the boil, reduce heat, and time it for 17-18 minutes more.

Meanwhile, clean and cut up the vegetables.

When the rice is done, add cut-up vegetables. It will be juicy.

Variations on Dollar Store Rice and Beans 

If what you have a lot of in the garden is carrots, add them to the water first and let them boil with the rice. Carrots help "civilize" beans. (So does staying hydrated.)

If you want to double the recipe, use 1 can of each kind of beans, and add more vegetables.