Thursday, July 9, 2015

Links from Patricia Evans

Patricia Evans shares a batch of links of interest to U.S. readers. Her e-mail included the full text of Angelo Codevilla's more recent article, which youall should be able to open from the last link below. If unable to open it, e-mail this web site for a copy.
" Codevilla Strikes Again: “Standing Up to the Ruling Class”
“The practical problem in America has been that when the ruling class trains its united wrath against persons in any one sector — e.g., supporters of marriage as the dictionary and the law have defined it, or those who support economic probity or the right to keep and bear arms — the general public quietly stands by. No longer accustomed to speaking together, Americans hang separately. For the members of the public to transcend their isolation enough to threaten the ruling class’s hold on the commanding heights of American society would require a nationwide movement with which disparate individuals could identify, and which could encourage them to join together and speak up. Typically, such movements are associated with presidential campaigns.” (Highlighting Forum’s.)
“In our time, if a candidate were to challenge his opponents to bare-knuckle, Lincoln–Douglas sessions, his example might lead fellow citizens to reject the combination of poisonous sloganeering and of dominance, submissiveness, and corruption that now passes for politics.  Retaking control of our lives requires us to reason with one another and to decide for ourselves what is good and bad, better and worse, true and false. This is how it was when we were free." (Highlighting Forum’s.)
What citizens can do to resist the ruling class’s redefinitions of moral and cultural norms. 
Excerpts below from Richard Falknor, BlueRidge Forum on 05 Jul 2015:
Many readers will recall Angelo Codevilla’s magisterial 2010 American Spectator article “America’s Ruling Class —And the Perils of Revolution” (click here).  Through this article and follow-on posts, Codevilla has sharpened the political understanding of many American conservatives.
Codevilla’s July 4th essay posted below is a liberating perspective not found elsewhere. A MUST READ!

“The Practical Problem”
 Codevilla urges a nationwide movement of resistance —
Codevilla follows up on his presidential campaign plan —
But whose campaign?      Read more from Richard here:

By Angelo M. Codevilla, National Review, July 4, 2015:    — Angelo M. Codevilla is professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University. He is the author of 14 books, including To Make and Keep Peace (2014) and The Ruling Class (2010).