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Link Log for October 4

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Valkyttie was to the Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap as Magic was to the Cat this web site it's always Black Cat Appreciation Day.


This web site has no idea how anybody found their way from the web site linked below to this one, but this web site does recognize some commonalities...this web site, too, was once a Weebly. (People who've kept at it have built some quite impressive Weeblies.) This web site is maintained by people who are severely ASL-challenged and can barely finger-spell. If the idea of a language that doesn't require hearing, or even absolutely depend on sight, interests you, click here:

Common courtesy: What's changed in 1963 is that we're more aware of situations (less secure than courtrooms) where it's rude to utter any part of anyone's real name. It's never polite to utter the first name of anyone over about age ten unless you've been invited to do so, and it always sounds idiotic, if not deliberately rude, to continue "calling" someone by any name or title over and over. (It's not rude to clutch at a friend's arm, bleating "Oh Tracy, Tracy, Tracy," if you've just received terrible news in the hospital; it just suggests that you might need to see the psychiatrist.)

More chatter, more pushiness, more bogus intimacy, is not better. We need a social movement toward more healthy distance, more respect, and a general understanding that before you've lived through the various stages of being a respectful acquaintance you can't be "friendly." The poor fool discussed in this blog post thinks she's being "friendly." She thinks she's building her husband's church by helping all the extroverts feel like one big yappy family. (She probably is not a natural extrovert, herself; they usually do have some sense of when to back off and shut up.) She's been told that "people" need to "break the ice" by talking about things that make them uncomfortable. And, being a poor, stupid idiot, she believed that.


Are same-sex "marriages" "celebrating sin"? Probably, but so are a lot of opposite-sex "marriages." Rather than try to judge which people seriously intend to be Partners For Life, I'm more interested in the public issue--the collective injustices to unmarried people, including the half of all previously married people who become widows, that allow the same-sex couples to claim that marriage is a civil right. The Bible positively harps on the theme of protecting the rights of widows, but greedheads in our government wanted to "encourage marriage" by encroaching on the rights of bachelors--and thus of widows. So as a natural consequence of this abuse, we now have this epidemic of annoying same-sex "weddings." It'll get worse if we don't deal with the root cause. The Bible foretells that "seven women will take hold of one man." Or we could see "weddings" between humans and cars, humans and computers, humans and trees.


"Pom Pom All the Way"? Remember the game called "pom pom pull away"?

Firearms Rights 

Survivors of the school shooting aren't falling for the Dim-ocrat spin...

I'm more concerned about the drugs involved in this story, myself, but why not say "up yours" to the Evil Principle?

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These trendy little things aren't enough in my part of the world, where, basically, whenever any other place gets serious bad weather, we aaaalways get rain. I want pedal-powered generators as well.

solar final

Save you money? Send a miner or steelworker back to work? What about blocking a possible attack from China?


After a murder, dancing with the Bible.

Military Families 

Jon Street reports on how current legislation could affect present-time military families:


We promised to promote any content in which a rational Muslim denounced ISIS. Trigger warning: bereaved parent in pain.

Phenology Link 

Our rainy weekend was South Carolina's floods. If the video works for you, you'll see a truck "swim":


Cartoon with a point:


Here's the nonfiction piece I picked (mainly as being the shortest) for a blog "scholarship" or sponsorship contest.

And here's where (if you think you need or deserve the money more than I do) you can submit your own best blog post or unpublished short piece to the same contest: