Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Monsanto Stock Is Falling

And the team at Food Democracy Now are gloating:

"This week, in a stunning reversal of fortune, the financial press reported that Monsanto is slashing more than 12 percent of its workforce due to weaker than expected sales and profits are down more than 5 percent for the 4th quarter of this year.
According to Reuters, “sales of corn seeds” and GMO traits, Monsanto’s key products fell more than 5%, while sales of their best selling weedkiller Roundup, dropped a whopping 12% in the past 3 months alone.
Right now Monsanto is on the ropes and we need your help today to finish them off. These new developments are the results of all of us pushing in the same direction, taking action together and we can't let up.
Help us raise $100,000 in the next 10 days so we can defeat Monsanto and stop Monsanto's outrageous bill in the Senate! If you donate today, your tax deductible donation will be matched 3 to 1.
In reality, the negative stories about Monsanto’s flawed products are just getting started.
  • In the past 6 weeks, 19 countries in Europe have called for bans on planting GMO crops in their borders in order to protect their own seed and farming heritage.
  • On March 20th of this year, the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared glyphosate, the main chemical ingredient in Monsanto’s weedkiller Roundup, to be linked to cancer in humans.
Now, Monsanto is getting Congress to pass laws that protect their toxic GMO and chemical products at the expense of the public health and our constitution. This legal assault on our democratic rights is an outrage! But we’re not backing down. We need your help to make sure we can stop H.R. 1599 in the Senate in the next few weeks.
Despite Monsanto’s constant threats, farmers and activists across the country are continuing to fight back.
On July 23rd, the House passed H.R. 1599 to strip states of the ability to pass common sense GMO lableing bills by a wide 275 votes for and 150 against the Dark Act. While this summer’s vote in the House was disappointing, the fight is far from over and we need your help in the next 6 weeks to make sure we stop Monsanto’s poison pill in the Senate.
Right now Monsanto is desperate to hide their untested GMOs in our food because they know Americans don’t want to eat them. The good news is that last year the state of Vermont passed a strong GMO labeling bill and a recent federal court judge ruled in our favor and denied the biotech industry’s efforts to get the lawsuit dismissed.
Already, Monsanto and their corporate front groups are panicking at the idea of having to put simple labels on food products sold in the U.S., even though they already do this in 64 other countries around the world. This Congressional overreach smacks of desperation and the food movement has never had a better chance to expose Monsanto’s corruption of Congress and we need your help to do it!"


They've only made corn and rice deadly poisons for me, and a few million other people. They claim the purpose of this was to make corn and rice better for somebody. Wouldn't you think, if there were any truth in that claim, they'd want that person to be able to find their wonderful products? So the gluten-intolerant minority could just find the corn and rice that are not toxic to us, and the people who can eat glyphosate-drenched GMO corn and rice could go on being such a majority, and so superior and so much more important than we are...

Personally, I think criminalizing all genetic experiments would be a good thing...but in a democracy the only way I can see it happening is, in a work of speculative fiction, after a plague that depopulated whole countries.