Friday, October 30, 2015

Links for October 30

Just a few quick links in the forty minutes I have left to read as much of this week's e-mail as possible...

Helping Those Who Helped Us

Troops returned from Afghanistan owing a debt of loyalty to their interpreters.

Sales Pests

I'm sure somebody out there can think of a way to make this company very sorry they've allowed sales pests to harass people like this...

We Need Labels on GMO Foods

I'm also 100% sure that unlabelled GMO corn and rice (modified to be more like wheat, which is poisonous to us) had a lot to do with Grandma Bonnie Peters' and my lowered resistance to this year's cold/flu/whatever. I've not had bronchitis since 1982, but I've had it this month. GBP has had pneumonia. I've been seriously sick as a result of eating the one last brand of rice that hadn't made me sick before last summer, too. GMOs are safe? Reeeally?

It's a Meme!

Or do you prefer the term "blog challenge"?

Wrong Answers

We don't need insurance companies involved in this. We need low-cost, third-party-free ways to help food-intolerant babies get the right sort of food.

Tourist Attractions

Would you visit an island to see just another tourist-trap store? (Groan.) Just another condominium? (Hey, I didn't say you had to answer that.) What about feral horses?