Monday, November 23, 2015

Jim Babka Replies to the S.A.F.E. Act

Gentle Readers, this web site has no foreign policy. This web site does have a sense of compassion for Syrian refugees who are actually in danger in Syria (although there seem, on examination, to be far fewer of them than some have claimed--specifically, ISIS seems to be paying at least lip service to the Islamic rule of tolerating Jews and Christians as second-class citizens in Islamic countries). This web site has also observed that no country can just open the gates and let everybody who wants to claim to be a Syrian refugee come into every country where ISIS is unwelcome.

Accordingly, this web site recognizes a vital kernel of truth in Jim Babka's and Perry Willis's e-mail. This web site would not exactly recommend allowing a mass immigration from Syria or any other country. Allowing temporary lodging for bona-fide refugees, vouched for and sponsored by U.S. citizens, is a much safer idea. If these refugees are Jews or Christians, they should be recommended by a rabbi or pastor. If victims of other ethnic or religious persecution, they should have some way to prove that. If admitted only as sponsored by religious or humanitarian organizations, based on personal recommendations, and completely banned from receiving publicly funded benefits of being in the U.S., any "refugees" who have intentions other than escaping from persecution are likely to decide they're not refugees after all.

Syrian refugees: Sanctuary YES, tax-funding no.
by Jim Babka & Perry Willis
The Syrian refugees are fleeing three things...
2. Bombs dropped to fight ISIS
3. Bombs dropped to fight Syria’s dictator, Assad
The United States government shares responsibility for all three things...
* Our invasion of Iraq created the seedbed in which ISIS grew
* Our politicians then supported ISIS []
* Our politicians then sent planes to bomb Assad, and later ISIS too (reversing their earlier policy of supporting ISIS)
* Our politicians have also armed other terrorist groups in Syria []
This is what the refugees are fleeing -- conditions the United States created.
But we can be even more precise about who is responsible for this crisis. If you...
* Supported the Iraq invasion
* Supported the idea of overthrowing the Assad government in Syria
* Voted for either of the last two presidents ( Bush and Obama)

Then you share responsibility for the Syrian refugee crisis.
Please notice...
People who supported the policies that created this crisis also tend to oppose letting Syrian refugees come to America.
This is evil piled upon evil. Here’s what justice requires...
Those who supported the policies that created the Syrian refugee crisis must now make amends. They broke Syria, now they bought a refugee crisis. They should quit doing bad things and start doing good things. Most importantly, they must come to the aid of those they helped victimize -- the Syrian refugees. In short...
The U.S. made this mess, so the U.S. must take the lead in fixing it.
This means that the Syrian refugees must be given sanctuary, no matter what happens with the issue of how they’re supported once they get here. The existence of tax-funded support for such refugees is NOT a sufficient excuse for stranding people the U.S. victimized. Still...
The best position, both morally and practically, is to support sanctuary while also opposing tax-funded support for those refugees. That’s the position Downsize DC is taking...
Syrian immigration yes. Tax-funded support no.
But we want to go further than that. We want to ask Congress to...
1. Accept voluntary donations to support the incoming refugees
2. Allow American citizens, charities, and other institutions to sponsor Syrian individuals and families -- because it's presently illegal to do such a good deed []. The State monopolizes this process.
It would be good for the federal government to start learning a new approach to problem solving. This crisis is the perfect opportunity to begin. Permit the use of a thousand new projects. Americans are a generous, big-hearted people. Let voluntary actors innovate and privately fund solutions to social problems like the Syrian refugee challenge, rather than rely upon violence-based taxation and one-sized-fits all, monopolistic programs.
Our next message will deal with the following objections…
  • What about the risk of terrorism from refugees?
  • What about screening programs?
TODAY, we encourage you to take the following actions…
TOMORROW, call Jim Babka on the radio and give him your feedback.
Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,
Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-founders, Downsize DC
P.S. November 24 and 25, Jim Babka guest-hosts the Gary Nolan Show from from 9 AM to Noon Central time, in Columbia and Jefferson City, MO. But you can listen at — click on “Listen Live,” on the top right side of the page. Here's the call-in number: 800-529-5572