Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Link Log for November 17

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Two wild animals fight...either the big aggressive deer or the mountain lion could have done a lot of damage to the amateur photographer who captured their fight on video, if they hadn't been too well matched and spent about fifteen minutes using their energy on each other.



I like the birds in this young man's head.



+Marsha Cooper discusses an interesting pair of quilting books:



Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for this explanation of what makes books smell so pleasant.



At the writing link below, Jerry Jenkins links to Ann Voskamp. One thing I have to mention before recommending her blog--even though she says her name is Ann without the fanciful E (thus bonding with Anne of Green Gables fans around the world), the blog is fanciful, hifalutin, loaded with memory-hog pictures; if you're not using a fairly fast-moving and high-powered computer you can't read it at all. Bah. I prefer a humble blog with minimal audiovisual clutter, accessible to all devices including five-dollar cell phones. Not that I'd try to read a blog with a cell phone, but why be hostile to people who do? Anyway, here's a sample of a not very well seasoned or reasoned, but very very pretty, feel-good Christian blog. Mood-elevating eye candy about the good things that happen when responsible adults choose small, safe, sane acts of courage like talking to strangers.

This web site will never endorse the idea of trying to pin on a forced "smile" and shove yourself into strangers' faces. If, instead, you wait for the moments when it's actually possible to help strangers by talking to them, some of those moments may come when you're in a crowd, and then you get to see a thousand real, honest, natural smiles bloom. (Warning, though, from an older and soberer Christian. In some crowds it will happen; in some crowds it won't. Nobody's spiritual experience should depend on the mood of the last crowd scene in which they found themselves.)


Here's a Christian trying to take over "Black Friday"...yes, I remember growing up thinking of it as "Thanksgiving Friday."


Some Christians frown on tattoos (Leviticus 19:28), so The Nephews should not interpret this link as an encouragement to get a tattoo. Even this one? Hey, the Bible never said there's anything wrong with ink...if you have to freshen it up with a pen every day, it means more.


Controversial Content 

My editorial pronouncement: The photos at this page are family-friendly. The comments are most definitely not. Recommended to adults, anyway, because it's cool to see so many young women putting the miserable-with-envy little boy in his place.


Election 2016 

What does a natural-born Peace Chief do in times of war? Ben Carson has a good answer:



Not all English-speaking people were brought up to think and talk about the concept of personal honor. Dan Lewis reports on a (perhaps extreme) example:


Daddytypes ponder a much lighter point of personal ethics:


Fun Stuff 

Yes, this is the lighthearted, feel-good blog where sponsors will donate money to a worthy cause for every post on which you comment.


And here are some visual puns:


Gender Politics 

Scott Adams proposes an idea that just might deliver "the boot" to ISIS more efficiently than putting troops' "boots on the ground." (I think we all agree that ISIS is one great big butt-end?)



Fun facts (several of which were new to me) about the history of the shawm, plus links to recordings of what this archaic instrument sounds like. (As a novelty I like it.)



Photo link..."Halloweenie" is not what comes to my mind; maybe because I live further south than the photographer. This is November-at-its-very-prettiest. Most of the leaves are on the ground, but they're still radiant against the evergreens. (At some altitudes we're still at that stage of autumn here.)



Has America been destroyed? Er, um...anyway...here's a fascinating, subjective list of writers, some still famous and some obscure, who've had some harmful influence on America. I nominate Auguste Comte to replace Margaret Sanger. What would you say?


Stupidity (Is a Choice) 

One of the most stupid things I've ever seen people do, and some of them do it over and over and over...When they feel threatened by something in their real world, they don't move to confront the threat or protect themselves; they try to displace the emotional feeling of discomfort by attacking the nearest person they perceive as unlikely or unable to fight back. When they were in middle school and their stepfathers abused them, they beat up primary school kids. When they got jobs and the business whose managers were foolish enough to hire them started to go under, they attacked subordinate employees (if there were any) or maybe customers (if those customers were children, or old ladies shopping alone). Here we see university students, who have reasonable grounds for concern about lingering pockets of race hate in the world, reacting by...generating more hate. Brilliant, brats. Any university that continues the effort to educate these young fools should lose its accreditation. Black lives matter; I'm not so sure about stupid lives.


Stupidity, of course, has no color. Here's a comment worth sharing on ISIS' latest display of stupidity...


Syrian Refugees 

I stopped nagging about them after reading reports that the U.S. was bringing in, apparently, all the persecuted Christians in Syria and a bunch of other guys who weren't noticeably Christians and, according to some reports, weren't even Syrians. Glenn Beck, who's continued following this issue, grouses again:



Hmm...how did this site get referrals from this site? I'm not sure, but if you've ever looked at different products in a hardware store and wondered what the explanations were supposed to mean, this web site can help; here's a nice readable primer about epoxy glues.


Travel, Virtual 

The Internet is global, and here's an English-language blog from an obscure country students may get extra points for studying about...



Jerry Jenkins endorses an idea that may be familiar to many bloggers...


And here's your chance to help pick the Best Online Essays of 2015. Warning: if you enjoy reading well-written short nonfiction, do not click on this link before you've done any chores you need to finish today. It would be too distracting. This is the medium-length list of nominations for a Golden Giraffes award. The page contains a link to the Long List and invites you to pick one essay for the Short List.


This is more technicalities than writing, but it might conceivably improve somebody's chance of making the medium-length list for a Golden Giraffes some day...


And here's one reason for being a writer...