Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2 Link Log

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Obligatory Fundraising Link 

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Alpacas are lovable, furry animals in the camel family. Though not big enough for adult humans to ride, as camels and llamas are, they will follow humans around and help carry a load, as camels and llamas do. If they feel overburdened, demeaned, or bored by humans, instead of biting or kicking they're apt to spit. Usually they sniff, nuzzle, and cuddle when interacting with humans. Their natural home is the Andes Mountains; they've been brought to North America as pets. Some people love knitting, weaving, and wearing alpaca fabric so much they raise alpacas, and some people love raising alpacas so much they wear alpaca fabric.

Gimmicky but amusing...the cats' tails from these cat photos seem to extend up into coffee mugs.

Real cats:


A cool bridge, celebrated in a cool quilt. (Quilts are warm but does that mean they can't be cool? Ouch! I'll stop!)


Someone wanted a quick article about the "most incredible" recently reported crimes, in the general style of the site linked here. I didn't want just to rewrite someone else's published article. If they offer enough money and time I'll write a new, fresh one. Meanwhile, here are ten clever crooks...

and ten (new to me) really dumb ones:


One for my Wish List...



What always surprises homeschoolers is how much time they have left over for doing things adults and children little of a child's school day is actually spent learning facts and skills, how much is spent just killing time and waiting for other people.

Food (Yum) 
Vegan delights:


A new studio album...from Loretta Lynn? Country singers never get "old"--they only become more "legendary"--for as long as they can hold a microphone. Jean Ritchie was close to a hundred years old on her last album and apparently Loretta Lynn is going after the record...the recording record!


It's a paradox, seventeen, when some of my favorite people were dropping acid and I was very clearly seeing how it did not expand their minds, I wrote a song that contained the line, "Only with law is there any liberty." (The rest of it was even worse.) Here's a web site that's dug out the unsingable, but better stated, quote from Edmund Burke:


You know someone like this.


First, this having been a Google + day, this good thought from the +Allen West Republic :

Or maybe he'd rather pay for three full-time guards for me,'cos I've been threatened too, and I'm pretty sure one of the threats came from a serial murderer. But the entire United States has been threatened by known murderers--equal security for people who don't like guns could get awfully expensive! Anyway the +Allen West Republic is worth following on Google + for clever graphics, most (like this one) rated R-as-in-Republican.

I'm sooo frustrated. I wanted to gank the one with the teenybopper holding the sign that said "My Choice" and the baby with the sign that said "Make Your Choice Before..." but that topic isn't auntly enough for my web sites. Yesterday I spent some time with a single mother and baby. I think what he was trying to say, by yelling, was "Where'd my mother go?"--but it just might have been, "Make Love or Make Babies. Pick One and Stick To It." His mother picked the wrong one; that's history. I'm proud of my sisters having made the right choice, also proud of a friend's sister at least sticking to the choice she made. Aunts like babies, but there's more to it than that...and this web site abides by a contract that requires us to save the "more to it" for private conversation.

(Speaking of personal security... )

Are the Illiberal Left practicing censorship...on Twitter, yet?

Y'know...I don't want anyone "helping me stay safe" on the Internet. I take responsibility for not disclosing anyone's real name/address/picture/whereabouts (that's the real danger in cyberspace). I don't think the kind of "Hate Tweets" Michelle Malkin shares are funny, but I'd rather receive "Hate Tweets" than have a bunch of nannies bothering their fool heads (yes, I said "fool"!) about whether somebody's reaction is going to hurt my little feelings or not. Actually, the idea of nannies trying to "help me stay safe" hurts my feelings! I'm over forty, not under four, years old! I'm offended! My identity as an adult is being invaaaalidated! Adults should validate ourselves by posting a barrage of Tweets to the effect that, if the police don't accept it as a serious death threat, and it doesn't show live sexual acts involving living creatures who aren't able to give legal consent, it should not be censored. The option of "filtering" out images, specific words, or even specific Twits should be there, but it should be left entirely in the customer's (competent) hands, if the company wants to do business with competent adults.

Rand Paul is taking this web site's advice and running for another term in the Senate. This web site supports him as much as we can, without actually being in Kentucky.

And after making your contribution to the Frugal Gracious Living Challenge, which is more of an investment (and can even be considered a payment) rather than a donation...if you want to make a non-tax-deductible donation to a political cause, here's one:


This web site has been linked to a blog, with my blessing, along with some other links I have and haven't shared. Want to see the rest of the "Good Blog Posts"?


View of Paris from Vincent Van Gogh...he made it look beautiful, but aren't you glad if the view from your window doesn't look like that!