Friday, March 4, 2016

March 4 Link Log

Felled by the infantry...Wednesday evening, I spent some time around preschoolers. The one who goes to "preschool" had of course picked up a virus. The others were fighting the virus, and cranky. So, yesterday morning, I woke up with that dizzy, cranky, fluzly feeling. Not too ill to meet a car pool and come to work, as planned, but close enough to ill that when car pool buddy called to say she wasn't going to take her little flu sufferer into town, I decided I didn't need to walk two miles in a cold rain either. After all I had to fight off the virus in order to sit with little flu sufferer tonight. Then I can be ill all weekend, or shake it off, whichever. After two years of being unable to eat a healthy diet, my resistance is obviously down, almost down to where it was when I used to eat wheat.

Vaccines don't keep children from having constant colds when they go to "preschool," Gentle Readers. The cold is the cure; the stress of being around other children is the disease.

Anyway I got a lift into town for the afternoon, so have enough online time to check the e-mail and do a short Link Log. Categories: Obligatory Fundraising Link, Animals, Books, Food, Fun Stuff, Politics, Things to Do, Travel.

Obligatory Fundraising Link

If you like this site, fund it now. "A day left"? It was supposed to run through March 6, but I suppose they're not counting Sundays. In theory Indiegogo will continue to accept contributions after March 6. I will not continue to maintain these web sites unless I see evidence that they're being read by people who are able to show appreciation of them in a meaningful way. I'm not talking about warm fuzzy words from those of you who claim that you're living on less than US$1000 a month, which for all I know may be true. And I actually prefer cash to Paypal and Paypal to Indiegogo; the fewer middlemen you pay to handle money, the better. But until I see some serious funding...well, who wants to read about the life of a person who's not well enough paid to eat? Until I can start blogging about how well you Christians, True Greens, fiscal conservatives, and other supporters are paying me, I don't see that I'm doing anyone any good by supporting your causes. So it will have to end. If you appreciate what I do, don't speak, don't type, just shell out the Benjamins already.


"Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind..." Some say the liger is the kind of thing Leviticus 19:19 had in mind. The Bible commends Jacob for figuring out ways to breed animals for different traits within the genetic range for their species, and animals can't engender offspring with a radically different kind of animal...or did Moses foresee gene splicing? Anyway, lions and tigers don't normally live in the same habitat and won't usually try to hybridize...but they can. Here's a photo of the result.


Can music really have all these effects? Sometimes it can. Music does entrain the brain.

A virtual visit to Scotland:

This image, shared by the +Allen West Republic , is more indication of denominations here, but just: Real Men Say Their Prayers.

Food (Yum)

Vegan recipes from India...the ones that aren't familiar to U.S. readers may be hard to approximate here. Jaggery is like raw brown sugar, Ghee is clarified butter, but the veg...Oh well, we can do something similar with what we have.

Vegan treat from the U.S....Warning: if you cook this in your kitchen, the ghost of cabbage will haunt you. So cook it outdoors, on the grill!

Vegan dessert (yes, it could be tweaked into gluten-freedom):

Vegetarian, if you want it to be, and gluten-free, usually sugar-free...but not vegan:

Fun Stuff

What's a dark party?


When I went to vote on Tuesday, I felt weird asking for a Republican ballot--I've always identified myself as Independent. But...did Democratic Party members actually pass up the chance to vote for their own candidate, in order to vote for the spoiler? else could he have won?

Without Trump's help, yes it would be possible for Hillary Rodham "They're Not Rich--They're Useless" Clinton to lose this election. After seeing this whopper, I can believe she really is brain-damaged. (Note that the Republican site on which the video appears is Black-hosted.)

Bill an asset to Hillary? In his mi-i-ind, in his mind...

How government works:

Things to Do 

My computer is super-organized. My papers, on the other hand...I do organize the ones that I might need to take to court some day. About the others, you don't want to know. If your papers are in a state similar to mine, here's an inspiring story:


Video only...wasted on me, without the text, but some of you might watch it.