Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22 Link Log

(This one went live without Blogjob tags. I was ticked off at the end of the day; the sponsor imagined that just exposing me to solid food would tempt me to break the hunger strike. It didn't. What happened, with the hunger strike, was that after realizing my alleged friends and relatives would rather let me starve so they could fight over my home, I've made it the primary purpose of my life to ensure that none of them gets a chance to inherit anything. When that's secured, I'll go back to Plan A: next meal after I have ten $100 bills in hand. Yes, I'm serious. Mitch Snyder starved himself at least to the point of permanent injury, for a good cause; I was downstairs in the kitchen on some of the days when he was doing it. I've always flattered myself that I inherited a higher I.Q. and better resistance to weather-generated mood swings than poor old Mitch Snyder, but he was the real thing...and anything he did, any of my parents' children can do better.)

As promised, I've been offline, off solid food, waiting for funding to do the Frugal Gracious Living Challenge. Some of the necessary funding has come across in real life. Not enough. Meanwhile, I need some hardware and a sponsor called this morning to say, "I'll meet you at the computer center and we can go to the store." So here I am at the computer center, five screens of Yahoo e-mail to read through (after sorting out all the bacon), and as for blog feeds, Blogjob, LJ, Google +...come to that, I am at the computer center and can do Google +. Here are some good links and a graphic from Google +, more from the other sites as time may allow...
This dog story sounds likely to appeal to several readers...
Do youall know who Wendy Welch is?
Food (Yum)
Almost any of these versions of split pea soup would be pretty good.
I've been into Hunt's Garlic & Herb pasta sauce because it's sweetened with carrots and cooked onions instead of corn syrup, but yes, it is easy to control what goes into your own tomato sauce. More herbs or fewer, meat or none, sweetening or salt or not...
Fun Stuff
Jigsaw puzzles...y'know putting them together actually works as therapy for some people recovering from strokes and brain traumas?
Last night and this morning, I was thinking about Time and Age. "Isn't Jane a lot older than you?" someone asked recently. Jane is almost ten years younger but she shuffles, limps, squints, and wails about her infirmities and misfortunes. Someone else: "I never thought you were all that close to Mary at school, but she's certainly looking good." Mary won a few beauty pageants when we were teenagers but this person was actually looking at Mary's mother. Painful disabilities can happen to people at any age, yet, for most middle-aged people, what we used to misunderstand as "aging" are actually the results of choices.
Phenology Links
Crocus...I have the purple ones at the Cat Sanctuary, too, as shown here:
And when reality is so delectable that people might forget that they're not already in Paradise, y'know, the spawn of Satan have to remind us that they still infest this world. I've always thought dog ticks did a good enough job of that, but...
From the Allen West Republic:
For those who think the graphic above is too "real" to be funny:
Travel (Armchair Style)
I'm not sure how this blog got to be a source of traffic to this blog, but Chearsley does sound like an appealing English village here...
Women Doing the Right Thing
Cheers for young Aisha, here...facing the rapist and going directly for the big vulnerable vein would have been better style, but sometimes a half-grown girl has to do what she has to do.