Friday, June 16, 2017

Mat Staver Documents Christian-Phobic Bigotry

Meh. This came in an e-mail asking me for money. If Mat Staver were a real Christian, he'd be sending me money. If your income for the past year was above US$12,000, you should be supporting this web site financially. Subscription funds can be mailed by U.S. postal money orders to the address at the very bottom of the screen (address "Boxholder" at that P.O. Box), or you can follow instructions here:

However, that doesn't alter the formal, public verbal abuse directed at Scott Lively:

We just won a major lawsuit on behalf of a Christian pastor, but the judge used the opportunity to attack our client in one of the most open displays of anti-Christian prejudice the Liberty Counsel legal team has experienced in the courtroom.

Last week, federal Judge Michael A. Ponsor ruled that he lacked jurisdiction to hear a lawsuit against Pastor Scott Lively by Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) over an outrageous charge claiming that he committed "crimes against humanity" for speaking about homosexuality and God's design for the family in Uganda.

+ + Judge calls Pastor Lively "crackpot bigot."

The judge's ruling put an end to SMUG's attempt to silence Pastor Lively and others who stand for their faith internationally against an increasingly intolerant LGBTQ global agenda.

But that's not the end of the story …

Judge Ponsor proceeded to improperly litter his Order with a prolonged tirade against Pastor Lively, badly distorting his Christian views and activism, and insulting him with such unbecoming epithets as "crackpot bigot," "pathetic," "ludicrous," "abhorrent" and numerous others. Even more egregiously, Judge Ponsor purported to conclude that Pastor Lively's Christian beliefs and pro-family activism violated "international law."
Judge Ponsor allowed his radical support for the LGBTQ agenda to enter an opinion and make prejudicial findings laced with defamatory statements that are both illegal and unbecoming.

+ + We're fighting back against these attacks...

Judge Ponser's statements are so far outside the norm that we have filed an appeal to ask that these prejudicial and unnecessary statements be stricken. Judges may hold personal opinions like anyone else, but they should restrain themselves from lacing court rulings with them.

I will not allow a federal judge to demean and ridicule a Christian pastor just because this judge supports the radical LGBTQ agenda! That's why we're taking action.

But sadly, this is precisely the type of hostility we are seeing against any expression of biblical truth in our decaying culture. And right now, Liberty Counsel is fighting against some of the most intense assaults we have EVER experienced. And several of these attacks are being bankrolled by the leading anti-faith and anti-family organizations in our nation:
The legal team against Pastor Lively was bankrolled by billionaire George Soros' funded Center for Constitutional Rights. PLUS, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and other radical groups are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to strip people of faith of our rights. Their goal is clear — to criminalize Christianity!