Thursday, June 15, 2017

Morgan Griffith on How You Can Fight Global Warming

Well, color me tickled pink! Trump's threatening to ignore an international "climate agreement" that puts the U.S. at a disadvantage, and people are breaking out a (snark on) radical new (snark off) idea: we can fight global warming (the possibility), or even local warming (the easily verified FACT), all by ourselves!

I just tweeted a link to a full-length article by Simon Mainwaring ( ), and here's a quickie from U.S. Representative Morgan Griffith (R-VA-9):

Could it Be?

Bloomberg, Former Sierra Club Director, and Griffith Agree?
The former executive director and chairman of the Sierra Club, Carl Pope, and former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, have a new book out, Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet First.

In their promotional materials it says, “In the years ahead, cities, businesses, and communities—not Washington or other national governments—can lead and win the battle against global warming.”

Their promotional website says “ ‘Cooler heads can produce a cooler world,’ write Bloomberg and Pope, who lower the temperature of the debate by showing that the changing climate is a series of discrete, manageable problems each with a solution that can make our society healthier and stronger. National governments, they argue, are not the best places to create these solutions.”*

Now mind you, I have not yet had the opportunity to read this book. I’m sure there will be parts of the book that I disagree with. But, from their promotions, it sure sounds like they are saying a one-size fits all solution mandated from Washington is not a good answer.

If indeed they lay out the argument that we can protect the environment without federal bureaucracy and job-killing regulations, and instead let innovation, entrepreneurs, private industry, and localities take the lead, then indeed I agree and I welcome them to the conservative movement!