Thursday, June 1, 2017

Buying from the Wish List

Amazon's not making it easy for me to use the giftcards people have sent. Microsoft is not making it easy to keep my state-of-the-art-in-2009 computer working. Guess what, Microsoft...if this computer fails, I will not own another one. This one was a gift, but even if someone offers me a computer with Windows 10 on it as a gift, I won't be using it. I don't like or trust Windows 10. I won't use a computer that offers only "cloud storage," because I don't trust "cloud storage."

Go ahead and destroy the Internet if you like, Microsoft. I actually earned more money without it; I'll be delighted to watch the whole Internet fad crash...because people aren't going to spend money online if we're not earning money online, and we're not going to be online if our information can't be kept out of "the cloud."

Anyway, I'm online now, and here's how I'm using the giftcards:

I once passed up an opportunity to buy the first ten issues of Knitter's secondhand for, as I recall, two dollars each. The shopkeeper warned me I'd regret this. She was right. The value keeps escalating.