Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Keywords: Tortie Tuesday

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Cat Sanctuary
Heather, about a year old, miffed because I'd petted Irene first.

Heather and Irene as a team of middle-aged mamma cats. Irene was shorter and thicker, because her father was part Manx. Heather is long and lean, because her father was an ASH polydactyl. They weighed about the same.

Burr's baby picture (I think...that's his color pattern anyway). 

Violet's baby picture...seven weeks old, she was watching her mother and aunt, who were nonverbally telling her to pose in unbearably cute and adoptable ways. They posed for their picture, above, the same day.

social cats
social kittens
the social cat Izabelle, on Petfinder
"Seeking the Highest Good of all"