Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I'm Here, Just Leaving...

...Just leaving the cafe, after slogging through the e-mail.

I posted a serious discussion question on Twitter and so far, of the hundreds of people who allegedly follow me and have seen this question reposted to various people throughout today and Friday, nobody's posted an answer. That's not necessarily bad, if people are working on long thoughtful posts rather than tweets, but it's disappointing.

Meanwhile the usual backlog of e-mail poured in over the weekend. Lots of distractions. One survey (from Freedomworks, so I couldn't bring myself just to ignore it) positively forced wrong answers to lots of political questions: simple summary: "The correct answer to 'What do you think of President Trump's proposals on...' is 'As little as possible.'" I've not been able to bear the sight of much current political news. I think of myself as a reasonably tough-minded old lady but there are limits to everything.

One thing I've been waiting to learn, I learned, today: Although those cryptic "keywords" posts didn't generate a paid-up subscription, they did generate more than twice as many page views as the "link logs" that preceded them! Keywords are likely to come back!

Another thing I didn't really want to think about, I learned today: All the coffee I've been drinking, while blogging from a cafe, just might be the source of the glyphosate contamination that's been making me sick lately. That's not entirely bad news, but it sort of blindsided me. Ouch.

Is this post as bloggy as it can possibly be? Yes? Good. I came in this morning with several ideas--discussion of the question of what social media can do to improve the police service, another cute insect gross-out post about yet another fuzzy li'l caterpillar I found while pruning the hedge on Monday, a Tortie Tuesday post about a shelter cat who might be a good companion for my poor lonely social tortie-cat Heather, more books--and let the e-mail bump them all back to the back of my mind. This may be good for the ideas. See y'all tomorrow.