Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Book Links: Readers' Choice

After considering whether to add these new books to posts about books I already have for resale, I've decided to add a new recurring feature: Tell me about the books you're reading, and once a week I'll share Amazon links so we can get some fresher titles onto this web site. And maybe somebody out there will even send me a copy. Readers' Choice book links are for books I, the writer known to Priscilla King, have not read--mostly because they're new. That means that buying them as new books helps their authors. I'm willing to post them here because I trust these correspondents to recommend books that are worth reading.

This post contains the most interesting books people recommended in April, while I was offline. Henceforward...I'm not promising that I'll be online daily (especially not while the weather is so favorable to working outdoors), and I'm not promising that I'll eat unless you support this web site with payments or work orders. However, if I am online, I'll make Readers' Choice book links a Friday feature.

The McDougalls endorsed this new book:

I've misplaced the e-mail that recommended this one. How authoritative is it? Mercy, how would I know? I know I really liked Jung Chang's family history novel, Wild Swans, as storytelling; I'm guessing her biographies (she's done more than one by now) are also a joy and a delight to read.

David Limbaugh wrote a decent unsympathetic history of the Obama Administration, Crimes Against Liberty (by now it's a Fair Trade Book), and here's what he's been doing more recently:

President Theodore Roosevelt was, as Glenn Beck has reminded us, a progressive--almost as much of one, in some ways, as his younger relatives Eleanor and Franklin. But he was (and they were) such admirable, inspirational progressives...decent people who fought hard to overcome real hardships and do what they believed to be the right thing.