Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Testing: What's New with Amazon?

Hurrah! Amazon is showing that youall are finally clicking on some ads here! Thank you, Gentle Readers.

With the e-mail notice that their system is finally crediting some commissions to my account, Amazon sent notice about a new ad widget format. Let's try it here. To test the new format against the one I've been using...I've embedded dozens of book links, so the test for the new format should be a classic book that I wholeheartedly recommend, one that I'm sure readers will like, one that everybody should have read...

Hmm. I think I'll stick to the embedded book links for now. What I typed in, to create that ad, was "Book Thoreau Walden." What the system is delivering may vary, but what I'm seeing is a row of links to the packaged rice mix discussed in the previous article.

But why not leave it up...lots of people like Zatarain's rice, and it may be fun to see whether Amazon's robots replace those ads with other things later.

For those who are reading to see how Amazon Associate blogs work--which is very much something we Amazon Associates are learning as we go along!--I still have to copy and paste in a book picture to be sure that what you'll see, in a link to Thoreau's book Walden, will look like this:

It's not as fast as the ribbon of five automatic suggestions in the sidebar used to be, but it gives youall a good clear picture of the book I have in mind. Much better than what the suggestion system used to do when a post hadn't spelled out the full name of an author and title and Amazon's robots would default back to the household linens style known as priscillas...