Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Greetings from the Weebly

Hello from the writer known as Priscilla King, formerly one of the top ad-friendly content producers for Associated Content. AC has kicked me upstairs by forcing me to choose a new web site for my writings about cats and other animals, Creative Tightwaddery, saving money, gluten-free food, knitting and other crafts, books, being an independent woman writer, living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, hiking and camping and other non-competitive sports, school choice, children, family, faith, community, going Green, politics and politicians (from any party since my interest is in getting them to say something definite and stick to it), songwriting, folk and country music, and life in general.

Ultimately, I'd like to attract some other writers who have a congenial independent but ad-friendly outlook and launch a for-profit online magazine that would re-create what AC originally offered. Currently, this is an extremely low-budget nonprofit venture in desperate need of financial support. (Specifically, since one of the cyclones that spun off April's tornados hit my roof, I have no refrigerator, no hope of repairing the wiring in two-thirds of my house, and not much money for groceries.)

My cats and I need your help, and so do our other animal friends. However, I would never ask you for money without offering something in exchange. All payments will be rewarded with please check out the Treats page.

[Edit: The Weebly no longer exists, nor does the Treats page. This post has been reposted for historical purposes.]

[Edit: The Blogspot is being remodelled with Amazon image links; image-free posts are appearing at . I've been promising to do this for many months. Here's a link to the source of the phrase "Creative Tightwaddery."]