Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How the Cat Sanctuary Was Founded

Black Magic, the first cat I legally "owned," was murdered. Shot in broad daylight, while my back was turned, by a scumbag who might sincerely have mistaken her for a stray who'd become a nuisance lately, but there was no excuse for his trying to blame a neighbor whom some people resent because his disabilities are no longer obvious.

She was following me past scumbag's house. She had always stopped following me, and waited at a spot closer to home, when I told her to wait, in the past. She'd disobeyed because she knew scumbag was dangerous and was trying to warn or protect me.

Although spayed (which I've always regretted), Magic was the most motherly cat I've ever met. She found kittens to adopt.

So, when I was venting to one of the lawyers in the family and he said, "Don't spend the money on a civil suit; buy a nice memorial for that cat," the idea of a memorial to Magic gave me (and another neighbor) ideas. What better memorial to Magic could there be than a Cat Sanctuary! (The other neighbor declared her home a Dog Sanctuary. I heard that scumbag went into a nursing home later in the year.)