Monday, September 8, 2014

Dark Green Sofa Blanket

The colors in these pictures, snapped with a cell phone camera, came out looking so unfamiliar that I have to stop and think about what each photo was a photo of. This picture, which is showing up a sort of mauve-taupe or a shade of purple on different computers in this building, was a close-up shot of an afghan whose actual color is dark green. The bands of color pattern that show up as chartreuse, pink, gold, and mauve on this computer are actually lighter green, red, yellow, and light blue.

This is one of a series of sofa-size blankets Gena Greene and I have made as pattern samplers. No two are alike. All are nice light warm washable blankets designed to cover a single bed, cot, or couch...about 6' long and 3' wide. Made in decent grades of acrylic, they keep their shape and color through years of machine-laundering. They can be made to order if you specify a color (pick any shade of Red Heart Super SaverVanna's Choice, or Simply Soft, to pay $75; if you prefer cotton or wool, expect them to cost more).

To buy it here, e-mail The price is $75 for the blanket plus $5 for shipping.

(Not sure? You may want to save the link to this site. More and better images should be available soon.)