Monday, September 8, 2014

Phenology 9.8.14: Goldenrod

(Reclaimed from Bubblews. Photo from Morguefile.)

Goldenrod is blooming abundantly in my part of the world now. It blooms about this time every year.

Goldenrod and another late summer wildflower called ragweed are often blamed for respiratory allergy reactions, or "hayfever." Isn't it interesting that "hayfever" didn't become a widespread or serious complaint until Americans started spraying poisons on land? Goldenrod certainly does release a lot of pollen. Pollen, dust, and other substances that can float through the air can irritate the human nose, sinuses, and throat. If the person is having an allergy reaction this irritation can trigger "hayfever." But the trigger is not necessarily the cause of allergies.

Most allergy reactions occur when people are exposed to either chemical pollutants in the air (such as pesticides), mold, or food they don't digest properly, or to some combination of these. Once the real cause of allergies is identified, a person who can avoid the real cause is usually free to enjoy flowers and animals.