Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Random Baby Blankets

I've actually done five of these blankets, and the colors came out so badly from these cell phone photos that I'm not sure which is which...I think this might be the one that's actually shades of faded denim blue and cream, in real life. I knitted one baby blanket in each of the Peaches & Cream cotton multicolor yarns that was sold on not-quite-one-pound cones in Wal-Mart that year. Three of them sold "right off the needles."

Here's the one that's actually bright blue, turquoise, and yellow:

All of them were knitted in a random stitch pattern created by working a random number of plain and a random number of purl stitches, over and over, on every row until done. As shown, this breaks up and mixes up the streaks of color produced by knitting in ombre yarn, and produces a lightly textured, crinkled-looking fabric. No two things worked in random stitch are completely alike even if they're similar in shape and colors.

Southern babies seem to appreciate being wrapped in soft thick cotton blankets, and in baby-free homes these textured cotton baby blankets make nice cheerful-looking towels.

Each blanket costs $15. Shipping it to online purchasers costs $5 (but this can be combined with the cost of shipping other items to the same place at the same time).