Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Painterly Impressions Jacket

This close-up photo came out a little darker than Gena Greene's version of the "Painterly Impressions" jacket pattern from a recent issue of Knitter's magazine. The predominant color of the tweedy, textured, soft acrylic yarn is creamy white, plus those shades from blue-violet through blue-grey and blue-green.

Gena knitted what was described as the "extra-small" size, as specified. Well...for extra-small women it'd be "oversized." I'm 5'4" with a 37" bust, and I could comfortably wear this jacket over a lightweight sweater or sweatshirt. When I think of an extra-small woman I think of someone who's 4'10", 95 pounds, 30" around the bust, 15" from neck to wrist...I suppose magazine writers think that sort of person buys her casual clothes in children's sizes.

Made in Lion Brand Homespun, this jacket should last through years of reasonably careful machine laundering. It may stretch; it won't shrink.

As shown, the jacket does not have buttons or buttonholes. We can add snap fasteners and decorative buttons for an extra $10.

As shown, the online price is $40 for the jacket, $5 for shipping.