Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Diamond Patchwork Pullover

This is a woman's sweater, knitted in patchwork as directed by Vogue Knitting in the 1990s. Gena Greene's comment on the patch-knitting technique was "Never again." She knows more efficient ones and thinks this one may always look just a bit puckery.

In real life the colors are royal blue, light blue, and white. This is our current "Home Team Colors" sweater. (Royal blue and white socks are also available.) It would also fit in with blue-and-white beachwear.

It fits a 36-38" bust, typically 5'4" to 5'8", as is. Cotton knits can be stretched either horizontally or vertically and this cotton sweater needs a bit of stretching and pressing.

Price is $50 plus $5 shipping. A better picture should be available soon.