Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Book Links: Correspondents' Picks from July

Because I'm working on something else, I still have 25 pages of e-mail from July that I want and intend to read some day. Many book links are in there. I did read three book-related e-mails I wanted to share with youall. First in the e-mail, recommended by Jim Geraghty:

(President Reagan was not exactly a blue-collar type, himself; I've not read Olsen's book, but I do remember, and wanted to remind youall, that his policies appealed to non-wealthy Americans.)

It's possible that Wendy Welch's husband may be biased, but I've read The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap and I'm also biased in WW's favor. She's a good writer and a great bookstore owner. My guess is that a revised, updated version of a collection of her early writing would be an excellent travel book.



No, you can't buy the first edition online, not even at amazon.co.uk, but you can generate buzz and let publishers know they should bid on reprint rights. (The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap went into reprints and translations; you can buy it in, among other things, Chinese and Portuguese.)

And, with a Cuteness Overload Warning, this pick from Mudpie's Human ( www.mochasmysteriesmeows.com )