Monday, February 10, 2014

App Contest

U.S. Representative Morgan Griffith reports on the "House App Contest":

"House App Contest
This year marks the first Congressional Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Academic Competition, being referred to as the “House App Contest.”  Much like the annual Congressional Art Competition, the App Contest is an opportunity for high school students to display their talents and creativity.
The App Contest is a nationwide competition that allows high school students from across the country to compete by creating and exhibiting a software application (or “app”) for mobile, tablet, or computer devices on a platform of their choice.  A student or a group of up to four students eligible to attend high schools in the Ninth District of Virginia can enter. 
Our region is home to many talented and hardworking students, and I look forward to seeing the innovative apps submitted by young people interested in exploring or showcasing their STEM skills.  Additional information and resources can be found at or by contacting one of my offices."

Hmm. Would I rather see one of The Nephews win this (from their school, not in Virginia) or see a Gate City kid win it? I don't know. I know it'd be convenient to be able to download something that automatically links some obscure phrases I use often to places like or Not a global setting for a whole computer, but something personalized, specific to the web sites where I write, and easy to turn on and off when I'm writing at those sites or not. I mentioned this at BubbleWS last month, and seriously, kids, if any of you knows how to do it...