Monday, February 10, 2014

Too Many Good Ideas?

Well...I didn't get five Bubbles posted last time I was on here, so here's a sixth one...reading other people's Bubbles has actually given me too many good ideas. I almost forgot that one Bubble has to contain the link that explains why I'm here:

Thursday was definitely a snow day (Gate City got about half an inch). Today a little snow stuck on the tops of the mountains, but the sun shone through the little snow flurry we got down along Route 23. According to local weather-predicting lore, that means tomorrow will be a real snow day and who knows when the computer center will be open next.

(This is not the view from the computer center in Big Stone Gap. This is the view from Kresichberg in Europe, contributed to by FidlerJan. It's the same general type of view though--bare trees, clear ground on the hill where the computer is and in the valley below, and snow on the distant mountain.)

Oh, and while I'm making excuses here, might as well mention that Bubblews is addictive. We get paid for other people's comments on our writing. Do we get paid for our comments on their writing too? Wow! So there we are with a lot of one-line comments scattered all over this site and nothing at our official web site, to which other people are still sending nice contributions, some of them written in a rather peremptory tone...well, actually the Virginia Legislature seems to be a bit, one might say, calmer this year than it was last year. I'd like to spend enough time there to highlight a few more bills, but it'll be more for being quirky and interesting, or ridiculous, rather than for being loathsome...some of last year's bills were loathsome. But Bubblews pays actual money...

Hmm...will we live to see the day when our legislators post at least the abstracts of proposed changes in the law as Bubbles?