Monday, February 3, 2014

E-Death to Spammers!

(Revised because I agree with Carolroach: it wasn't clearly written)

Well, the first Bubblews spambot has already found me. Ugh. Has a nice human-sounding name and tries to jam a free link to its alleged web site into comments on other people's writing. I hate those things.

Are you a legitimate small business that is just trying to get some publicity? If so, here's what to do: Start your own Bubblews account and post little stories (they only need to be 400 characters long) about everything you're doing and trying to do. Be a faithful e-friend to other people. Don't try to link everything to your business site, but let readers find your Bubblews profile page, and link to your business site there. Some of those people will become your e-friend and read your small business stories. Some of us sincerely want to help small businesses grow. For instance, although I only just discovered Juniper at BubbleWS, we've been e-friends for several years so when I found her here I immediately checked out her web site and even found something that truly deserved a Google + from me.

Here's what not to do: Paste a chunk of inane flattery, a chunk of nonsense wordage, or just a bare-naked link to your web site into the comment space on other people's web pages. This will automatically cause people who use these pages to hate you and your business, because even if you post a legitimate link to a site where you're trying to market a good product that deserves publicity, the spamlike effect of your "comments" will cause us to suspect that you're a hacker or source of virus...a lot of things that look like ordinary boring advertisements contain viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, etc. So, if you are trying to market something legitimate, please resist the urge to throw links to it into other people's web pages.