Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Virginia Farmers' Chance to Speak Out

Well...if you're within two hours' drive from Richmond, that is. This is a practical decision for the Free Citizen staff, who are on a tight budget. It also means that farmers out in the point of Virginia need not apply. Gate City, for example, is at least six hours from Richmond. Nevertheless, here's their offer:

"Virginia Free Citizen  is giving farmers a platform to speak out:

We are looking for small farms to visit within 2 hours or less drive of Richmond and plan to do monthly “on the farm” stories. We are also interested in any farm owner who would like to send us their own letters/articles and we will interview them on the phone if a visit is not practical.  We are interested in life on the farm and the issues that face the farm owner in Virginia in regards to farm and food freedoms and impact of regulations/ordinances,  Obamacare, property rights, etc.

Farm owner interviews will be scheduled on Saturdays.

We realize a Saturday visit could be intrusive on a farm, since the work is daily, so we would be sensitive to that and the visit would be in the time window requested by the farm owner. 

Feel free to forward this email to others who may be interested.

Interested farmers, please contact Jeff Bayard at

Jeff Bayard
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