Friday, February 7, 2014

Virginia Special Election Tomorrow

Fellow Virginians, I've been so far behind on e-mail that this one didn't reach me before being forwarded around a few out-of-state contacts...

From Karen Bracken:

"My friend Melody Scalley, is running in a special election for Delegate in the VA House of Delegates.  This was a special election called just last week when a democrat Representative named Lynwood Lewis won a special election in the VA Senate that was vacated by Dem Terry McAuliffe's running mate.
Astoundingly, Melody's Republican challenger, Robert Bloxom, endorsed Democrat Lynnwood over the much more conservative Republican running in that race!  And that VA Senate race was crucial because it was a 20-20 split R vs D.  If a Republican had won, it would have made it 21R-19D which could better blunt McAuliffe's liberal agenda.  Further infuriating is that Bloxom is on the radio calling for democrats to come caucus for him which evidently is allowed.
Bottom line, Melody needs all the grassroots support she can get.  Only a few hundred will brave the expected snow Saturday to vote so a few volunteers can make a tremendous impact!  "

From Melody Himel Scalley's Facebook page: 

"We have been asked by a number of people where and how you have to vote. We are posting below the actual 'Call' for the meeting for this nomination. The abbreviated version is: Everyone must vote at Nandua High School, no matter where you live in the district. You must be a registered voter in the 100th district to vote and have a valid photo ID. Registration opens Sat., Feb. 8 at 1:30 PM and... you must be in line by 2:30 or you will not be allowed to vote. This is a REPUBLICAN nomination and the Republican party will expect those who participate to ascribe to Republican principles, support Republican candidates; and also, not have participated in a Democrat nomination process in the last five years. "

Do we have any readers in the 100th District? I don't know. Do any readers know anybody in the 100th District? I don't know. Counties of Accomack and Northampton, and parts of Norfolk and Virginia Beach?