Thursday, February 20, 2014

Progress Report

(Recovered from Bubblews)

Over 100 Bubbles have brought my Bank up to $44.92. Can we get past $50 in the next week? Of course we can! I should soon have $50 to contribute toward the purchase of a decent secondhand trailer house big enough to hold two parents and five children.

For those who've expressed concerns...I *think* the rule is against posting links to other sites that pay writers per page view. My Blogspot definitely does not pay per page view. If it did I'd be posting more stuff there. So I think it's legal to post this link to the Blogspot page, which also explains, just in case anybody out there needs a tax write-off, how to mail a substantial check directly to the church's homeless fund. If I'm wrong, I've asked the Help Desk to notify me and I'll remove the code that makes this a live link. (People have asked, and yes, all checks tagged as "Homeless Fund" will go directly to the purchase of a trailer house for this family. There aren't many homeless people in Hawkins County, Tennessee.)

So...even if it snows next week, I should be able to contribute $50 toward the cause of keeping this family close to their home, friends, school, perhaps the mother's job (she's expected to be able to go back to work in time).

And this will, indeed, constitute ten percent of my income for December, January, and February.

Please do not mistake the lack of tears, major depression, suicidal thinking (I have contemplated e-suicide, though), or similar hysterics for satisfaction with this level of income.