Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Don't Miss the Google +

Only recently, Gentle Readers, did it come to my attention that my Google + page had somehow been set up in a way that was deeply wrong. Things I'd plussed, in order to share them with you, were failing to show up where you could see those links, unless they included photos. Things that did include photos were being advertised to the public as available for public use--and the real problem there was that the photos the public would've wanted to use did not belong to me; while some of them came from Morguefile or Pixabay, others were popping up along with links to other people's web sites.

I mention this now because I believe it's been fixed. You may have to click on "Priscilla King" and then on "+" to see the text-only links, but you should be able to read the tags and follow the links that interest you.

Today, just to highlight what you may have been missing, I'm posting links to what I've plussed in this post. I've enjoyed the convenience of just plussing links instead of creating a blog post for each one. I don't want to give up that convenience...I just want everybody to see one day's plusses, all in one place, in a nice linear table-of-contents format.

So let's start with two more Veterans Day stories from Yes, it's a flashy'zine, funded by Glenn Beck and tricked out with lots of bells and whistles, that may foul up your browser...but, for those who can read it, here's a post by Billy Hallowell that you have to love:

And one by Elizabeth Kreft that may make you chortle...or hit the gym:

Changing gears quickly, the way e-mail and blog feeds encourage us to do: Marsha Cooper demonstrates an approach to quilting I wouldn't dare to try...

The snarky comment that was showing at the top of Fred Lucas's post, when I read it, is apropos. "Abolish coal-burning power plants and use more electricity?" But you may already be meeting partly solar-powered hybrid cars on the road. I rode to and from the computer center in one, one day last week. It runs a treat--has been running about as long as I've been blogging--and has features, like a no-hands, incoming-calls-only speaker phone built into the steering wheel, that kept me saying "Wow" for twenty miles. Fifty miles to the gallon, even while hauling three well-fed adults up a long hill, and it passed a couple of dinosaur cars too. I don't expect to live to be able to afford that kind of dream ride. Possibly some of you readers will. So I'm actually with our President on this one, even though I'm sure the specifics of his plan include things I wouldn't like. Young readers and drivers, "Don't...stop...thinkin' about tomorrow..."

Scott Adams asked for answers to this "General Nonsense" question...I posted the beginning of the answer at Google +. I would've liked to've posted it on his page, but I don't do Facebook.

(Continuation: Our minds aren't big enough to comprehend either the physical universe or God.)

The Blaze Marketplace should not be your one-stop shop for prezzies handmade in the U.S.A. My Google + features lots of lovely unique needlecraft items not shown here. However, when you want to buy non-textile items that were made in the U.S.A., like watches or collector knives, click here...

Sometimes even blogs experience delays. That's why I'm just now posting reviews I wrote four years ago, about books I physically sold three years ago,'cos hey, I did read and recommend those books and I can get more copies if more people want them. It's also why I'm reading this description of a super Sunday, for the first time, on a Wednesday...

Not showing up when I opened Coral Levang's Sunday story, but popping up after I'd read it, came her Veterans Day story:

If you read fiction, what keeps you going back to someone else's imaginary place? I don't do Dreamwidth either, nor am I familiar with most of the series discussed at this post...but it's an interesting discussion. And writing prompt. (Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for sharing.)

[I don't think this LJ post is especially plus-worthy, it's only mine, but some readers may want to read it too:]

Well, that's the kind of mix you get if you click on my Google + Profile button. Now you know!