Friday, November 14, 2014

Horseshoe Cables Pullover and Matching Baby Set

This is a lightweight lady's pullover; in real life it's not yellowish, the way it looked on the computer where I first uploaded the image, nor is it pale blue and purple, the way it looks on the one I'm using now, but pale peach and cream fleck.

Gena Greene adapted the sweater pattern from a design in Helene Rush's Sweaters by Hand. If you have the book, you can see differences between the original version and this one.

This baby's cap and jacket are knitted in the same yarn...but these have to be considered black-and-white pictures. The garments are a clear creamy white with a peach-pink fleck.

The lady's sweater fits a 34-36" bust, 5'3"-5'6".

The baby's set fits a typical 1-year-old child.

All three pieces can be machine-laundered with care. They may stretch a little; they won't shrink.

Prices are $60 for the lady's sweater, $10 for the baby's jacket, $5 for the hat, + $5 for shipping any or all (plus anything else that will fit into the same package).