Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Aqua Lace Cardigan

Don't let the cheap cell phone image fool you. This sweater is actually a pale aqua and silvery-white boucle, even though, when the image comes up on this computer, it looks pink.

Gena Greene adapted this design from a vintage issue of Knitter's magazine (I'm not seeing that specific issue listed at She used Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn; the aqua color of this sweater is shown at the commercial link only as a splotch in a swatch of ombre yarn, and as the sample of a smooth yarn shown at the bottom of the page.

Baby Coordinates is, or was, an acrylic yarn that can be machine laundered.

Size: 36-40" bust, 5'3-5'6"

Price: $60 for the jacket + $5 for shipping. (You can add a few other things to the package for that $5 shipping fee.)