Thursday, November 20, 2014

Maine Pines Cardigan

This is one of the designs in Maine Island Classics, which you can buy from me as a Fair Trade Book ($5 for the book, $5 for shipping). In real life the main color is dark blue, with a light summer-sky blue yoke, white sailboat, and blue-green trees knitted in.

Size: 36-38" bust/chest, 5'3"-5'6". Gena Greene did not add a sleeve gusset to this sweater. We've been advised that some women with 36-38" busts think all the women's sweaters in Maine Island Classics needed sleeve gussets...the designers were young. (In my twenties I knitted some jackets with waistlines a lot of women hated, too.) If you have trim, firm upper arms and want to show them off, wearing this lightweight cardigan over a short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt is a nice subtle way. If you have wide upper arms, we can insert the gussets.

Material: acrylic--machine wash and dry

Price: $25 for the sweater, $5 for shipping, $5 to add buttons, $10 to add sleeve gussets.