Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Timbered Fairisle Jacket

This is a scrap-yarn jacket. One name Gena considered for it was "Beige Goes with Everything." The "timbered" pattern is found in Ann and Eugene Bourgeois' book, Fairisle Sweaters Simplified.

The base yarn is acrylic, which means it won't shrink or stretch very much, even though some of the contrasts are wool, mohair, and alpaca. This unisex jacket should reliably fit a size 36-40" bust or chest and 5'4"-5'8" height.

Price: $35 for the jacket, $5 for shipping, $10 to add button-and-snap fastenings (please specify gender if you want these added). As always, shipping prices can be consolidated for as many items as we can fit into one package.