Monday, November 3, 2014

Raspberry Shimmer Pullover

This is a medium-weight cotton sweater, meant to be worn in mild weather, not much warmer than a store-bought sweatshirt. In real life the color is a medium-bright pink. On this computer it's showing up almost greenish. Hoot! One thing I can say for cheap cell phone cameras; they help the rest of us see what things would look like if we were color-blind.

(Yes, in real life, when laid out on the table, the knitted fabric did look a bit rumpled. No worries; knitted cotton fabric will smooth out when worn or, if you want to look spiffy the minute you put it on, when laid flat to dry and assisted toward dryness with a warm heavy object...if you don't have a steam iron set on "low," you could use a very clean brick or a saucepan out of which you'd just poured a little boiling water. It'll crumple up again when stored and smooth out again, and so on, probably for twenty years or more.)

Anyway: Gena Greene knitted this one using a pattern from a back issue of Knitter's magazine. The material is cotton, a bit lighter weight than many of our hand knits. You could wear this one indoors, over a T-shirt or camisole, like a sweatshirt.

Size: 34-38", 5'3-5'6"

Price: $80 + $5 shipping. (You pay only one $5 shipping fee per package, and there's room for a child's sweater, a few hats, or a few books in a package with this sweater, so keep browsing.)